Technology can enable farmers and agribusinesses to reap big

A compelling projection was made by the World Bank on the future of Agribusiness in 2013. Its report titled “Growing Africa: Unlocking the Potential of Agribusiness”, stated that by 2030, African farmers and agribusinesses could create an African $1 trillion food market. But therein, there were conditions to this growth including access to capital electricity, […]


There is no shortage of good solutions to the problems that plague Uganda, but there is a challenge with finding financial support to fund these solutions until they can survive on their feet. African Tech Startups Funding Report 2020 states that the year 2020 was a record-breaking one for African tech startups, with 397 companies […]


Ask any Ugandan about their frustrations with the public transport system and you will get a litany of grievances. The complaints rotate around unjustified delays caused by taxis scavenging for passengers, taxis that wind up as traps set up by gangs of thieves and that is just the tip of this troubling iceberg.  For Barbara […]

2020 Game Changers : Entrepreneurs who have inspired us through the year

“When the world locks down, that’s the time game changers start”- Stephen Ahweera. The 21st century continues to experience improvement in the quality of life because of the unconventional thinking of entrepreneurs. It is because of this reason, that today’s greatest game changers have been bred. Entrepreneurs have the vision and willingness to create and […]

MyVillage: The future of Africa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem

The year is 2020. The world is shaking up in crisis. Entrepreneurship continues to thrive amidst multitudes of challenges and setbacks. For Uganda, and Africa at large, it is evident; we need each other, now, more than ever. Our survival and our success are heavily dependent on the contribution each of us has to make. […]

Entrepreneurs build entrepreneurs.

“We rise by lifting others” – Robert Ingersoll Entrepreneurship is a revolution beginning to unfold therefore having a booming entrepreneurial ecosystem where entrepreneurs are confident that in order to make headway, you have to help others move forward, is crucial. No matter how many years you have been in entrepreneurship and business, every entrepreneur faces […]

Business Uncertainty Vs New Ways of Work

New ways of work

It is undeniable the role Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) play in developing economies. They not only account for the majority of businesses worldwide but contribute greatly to job creation and global economic development with 90% of businesses retaining more than 50% employees worldwide. In Uganda, SMEs make up over 70% of our economy and contribute above 20% to […]