FY2024/25 Budget: What Lies Ahead for Entrepreneurs and Innovators 

As the hours draw closer to the national budget reading, the anticipation among Ugandans intensifies. This year, the government’s proposed Ushs72.1 trillion national resource envelope has captured significant public interest, especially as it marks a substantial Ushs20 trillion increase from last year’s budget. The burning question is: What are the priority areas justifying this significant […]

The Journey of Abel Ogwang in transforming homecare services in Gulu city 

Originating from the bustling business city of Lira, Abel Ogwang relocated to Gulu with aspirations of establishing his own business. His spirit for entrepreneurship was deeply influenced by his single mother’s unwavering commitment to caring for their family. Despite numerous obstacles, she tirelessly provided for them, primarily through the humble craft of washing clothes. Her […]

Uganda can benefit from investment in entrepreneurship post COVID-19

From the limited access to market, appropriate talent to lack of investment capital, Ugandan entrepreneurs are grappling with a litany of challenges.   But when key sector players met at the Bounce Back event on Wednesday, they were all in agreement that it is time to make the business environment right for entrepreneurs to grow their […]

Oil and Gas FID and areas Startups can tap into

After years of negotiations between governments and oil and gas companies, Uganda has penned the Final Investment Decision (FID). For those ready to make their investment in the sector, the FID is a stamp of approval that companies can begin operations and that their “money will also be safe.”  With the first commercial well discovered in […]

17 Startups to watch out for in 2022

As we settle into the new year, we are reflecting with optimism about the months ahead, preparing to once again tackle the challenges on the way with new solutions.  In 2021, several startups rose to the occasion and provided a way through various individual, community and sector challenges health, transport, education among other things. Below […]

2021: A year of progress in the Entrepreneurial ecosystem? 

According to the Global Startup Economy Report for 2021, the global startup economy is worth over $3.8 trillion in Ecosystem Value, more than the individual Gross Domestic Product of most G7 economies, not including the value of exits prior to 2018. Uganda’s contribution to this remains low despite the strides made within the ecosystem. To understand the trends in the local ecosystem better, we spoke […]

The Innovation Village Jinja counts its 2021 wins

When The Innovation Village, (TIV) spread its wings to Eastern Uganda in 2020, Jinja was chosen as its host city. Located on Plot 5, Main Street in the heart of the industrial town, the innovation ecosystem which is home to entrepreneurs from a region with approximately 33 districts, is also ushering the region into the Fourth Industrial Revolution through merging network, talent, […]

Startup Act: Strides made and how it can be a game changer for entrepreneurship

When Italy passed the world’s first-ever Startup Act in 2012, it sparked off a trend that drove other countries to work on legislation that encourage the growth of their startup ecosystem.  Inspired by Italy’s startup policy, many African governments have considered providing a safety net for their startups by putting in place a Startup Act […]

Technology can enable farmers and agribusinesses to reap big

A compelling projection was made by the World Bank on the future of Agribusiness in 2013. Its report titled “Growing Africa: Unlocking the Potential of Agribusiness”, stated that by 2030, African farmers and agribusinesses could create an African $1 trillion food market. But therein, there were conditions to this growth including access to capital electricity, […]