The Media Industry: How do we re-imagine its future?

The Media Industry: How do we re-imagine its future?

In November 2021, Deutsche Welle Akademie (DWA), the non-profit arm of the German public state-owned international broadcaster, partnered with The Innovation Village as well as Ultimate Media Consult and Focus on Africa to train 12 media viability consultants in Uganda. In an interview, we speak to Takako Mino, a consultant, to understand the project, opportunities for media entrepreneurship and how innovators can shape the future of the media industry as it faces disruption in the digital era.  

Briefly explain to us what the Media Viability Consultants training is about?
Small and Medium media houses play an important role in sharing information with and serving as the voice of local communities in Uganda. However, many media houses struggle to become viable businesses. The training is designed to equip Media Viability Consultants with the skills, knowledge, and tools required to effectively advise media houses and strategies they can use to improve their viability. The training modules are technology and innovation, audience engagement and content development, human resource management, financial management, and organizational consultancy.

What are your expectations of the trainees once the training is completed?
We expect that the trainees can become media viability consultants and extend their consulting beyond their initial media house placement. They should be able to support media houses through conducting needs assessment and critically thinking about actions that can be taken to take them to the next level.

What are your final remarks on the Future of the Media Industry and what needs to happen to sustain its relevance in this age? 

We need to empathize with our audiences much more and address their needs so that they can utilize media resources to create value in their lives. Rather than just trying to catch up with the latest technology, I think it’s important to think about the unique needs of the populations that we serve locally and to think about new ways to celebrate and elevate our cultures through our media. 

As The Innovation Village, we believe that as the media industry strives to stay on top, there is a need to integrate new business models and innovate using emerging technologies. For now, through media training such as these, we hope to create momentum for media practitioners to rethink how they stay relevant as they race into the future.