The Journey of Abel Ogwang in transforming homecare services in Gulu city 

The Journey of Abel Ogwang in transforming homecare services in Gulu city 

Originating from the bustling business city of Lira, Abel Ogwang relocated to Gulu with aspirations of establishing his own business. His spirit for entrepreneurship was deeply influenced by his single mother’s unwavering commitment to caring for their family. Despite numerous obstacles, she tirelessly provided for them, primarily through the humble craft of washing clothes. Her unyielding spirit and relentless hard work left a lasting mark on Abel’s heart. 

This profound influence impelled Abel to embark on a transformative journey that not only reshaped his own life but also left a profound impact on the lives of other single mothers. 

After graduating with a diploma in Information Technology and staying unemployed for a few months, Abel moved to Gulu city in search of green pastures, with his fate being the same, he opted to start Afrodis World Limited, an ambitious startup offering an array of essential services including Dry cleaning, Laundry, Fumigation, and Landscape services. His vision transcended mere business aspirations; it encompassed a heartfelt mission to create opportunities for those who, like his mother, faced relentless struggles to make ends meet. 

Despite encountering the cultural bias within the Luo community, which criticized women soliciting laundry services, coupled with the challenge of operating in a disadvantaged location at the Gulu Senior Quarters, resulting in a mere three business clients per week, Abel persevered with unwavering determination. 

According to Abel, “My pivotal moment arrived in 2019 when I secured a significant contract from Prosper Byamungu, the Founder of BrownStridge Design Build company, to provide cleaning services for the construction crew tasked with building the Innovation Village in Gulu city. This breakthrough not only broadened my customer base but also laid the groundwork for robust social networks, serving as a pivotal platform for business referrals” he said.  

He added, “When the hub was finally opened, I was among the first entrepreneurs to join the Next Wave program, an initiative that provided invaluable support and guidance to entrepreneurs building emerging businesses like me. Under the program, I underwent transformative experiences, leveraging various interventions such as digital skilling and immersive Founder Lab sessions.” 

Equipped with newfound digital expertise and skills, he strategically expanded and positioned his business across the Northern region, gradually establishing it as a cornerstone of youth employment and the local economy.   

Amidst his entrepreneurial journey, fate led Abel to cross paths with Tukole, an online marketplace that matches blue collar workers with local demand, allowing individuals find work and services for their everyday tasks, including cleaning, moving, delivery and handyman work at your home or office. 

Recognizing his potential in their shared goal, they forged a powerful partnership. Together, they not only trained Afrodis World Limited’s staff but also collaborated to extend their services to the other regions, bringing positive change and economic empowerment to even more families. 

“What initially began as a modest venture now proudly provides employment to over a thousand individuals in a span of six years with a core team of 35 employees and an additional hundred contractual and part-time workers” Abel added.  

Abel’s journey is testament of hard work, showcasing the power of unwavering determination, the resilience of entrepreneurship and a profound impact to challenges that founders face when building solutions to create a better world for those around them. Through Afrodis World Limited, Abel not only cleaned garments and landscapes but also cleared the obstacles that hindered the prosperity of young people. His tale serves as a path to transformative potential of an entrepreneurial spirit fueled by compassion, meant to inspire generations to come.