Quick Talk with Ivan Sewajje

Quick Talk with Ivan Sewajje

What is your name and what do you do at The Innovation village?

My name is Ivan Sewajje. I am The Creative and Brand Manager at The Innovation Village. I have been with the Innovation Village since 2016 as a brand consultant and I joined fully in 2020. My mandate is to develop and nurture all the brands that describe The Village and its ventures.

Clearly, you have been here since the earlier days of The Innovation Village. What has driven you all these years?

I know that it has always been the support that has been offered to me by my colleagues and my supervisors. They have accorded me a good working environment.

Being part of a huge marketing team, we work as a conveyors’ belt and you simply cannot work alone. While many of my colleagues may go unrecognized, their efforts in helping me deliver to the best abilities are some of the things I cannot overlook. Brilliant minds walk the corridors of our ecosystem every day. My advice to fellow employees is to reach out as there is always someone with the ability, knowledge and time to help you.

What role do you think employees can play to further our achievements and goals?

Our job is to see to it that young people and mostly young women are empowered with the tools and skills they need to build strong and sustainable businesses that will in return yield more dignified jobs. Over the years, the organization has unfolded various initiatives to meet this mission. The question we can consistently ask ourselves is; how did my work today contribute to one more job for youths out there? Once we can answer that, The Innovation Village story will be worth telling everywhere we go. At a personal level, let us find out what our strengths and weaknesses are. Cement your key competencies and for your weaknesses, acknowledge them and work on managing them.