Customer Centricity: Must-Have or a Waste of Energy?

Customer Centricity: Must-Have or Waste of Energy

If there is anything anyone doing a business needs to reflect upon each day, it is that “What can I do to make my customer happier?

Access to reliable internet has become an essential need. Moreover, given that digitization will impact how work gets done in the future, transform how customers and companies engage and interact and create new (digital) streams, I believe the internet is an important tool since it is an enabler for digital transformation.

I will use my own experience with an Internet Service Provider to shed some light on why customer centricity is extremely important in attracting and retaining customers.

“Open Letter of Appreciation to Mr. Ronald Guloba (Founder, Cheetah Net Solutions) and his entire team”

Very early one morning,I called Mr. Ronald Guloba requesting a home internet solution. I explained my frustrations regarding all the challenges I had previously encountered from several other service providers. He immediately performed a remote test to gauge whether or not it would be possible to access a stable internet connection. Twenty  minutes later, he called to confirm that it was possible to install a home internet package and that his team was already on its way to perform an on-ground site survey to determine the possibility of installation of the home internet package or assess a need for any additional equipment or accessories.

At 11.30am, the Cheetah Net Solutions team arrived on-site, performed a survey and could see the nearest mast from where my house is located. They proposed that an additional pole be erected on which the satellite dish would be mounted such that maximum signal strength could be captured to ensure a good and reliable internet connection. This meant that the installation could not be done on the same day as they had not carried the extra pole but that was okay as I was already pleased with the team’s customer care. They went on to say that they only accept payment after installation and when the customer is content with the service.

This really speaks volumes especially because customer satisfaction is a priority at Cheetah Net Solutions.They are willing to risk it all at first, so that their customers are happy. They truly exceeded my expectations.

All in all, it doesn’t matter what product or service you render, at the end of the day, customer satisfaction should be the number one driver for doing what you do. As food for thought, Simon Mezger once said, “Utilities customers just want the lights to work. They do not want to be wooed. In fact, 44 percent of energy consumers say they have no interest in interacting at all with energy providers.” (Mezger, 2017)

PS: This is not a sponsored article – I am just a happy customer giving credit where it is due.

If you are running a business, may you never forget the basic principle of customer centricity because the customer is really Queen (not King) – the ‘King’ is your business and the ‘Queen’ is your customer. (Sherrington, 2013)


Mezger, S. (2017). Customer Centricity: Must-have or a waste of energy? Melbourne: Accenture.

Sherrington, J. (2013, November 2013). The Customer is Queen (not King). Thornhill, Ontario, Canada.


Written by Joanita Nyangoma

Energy Lab Lead, Innovation Village 

Email: [email protected]


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