The year 2021: UPSKILL’s in-demand skills training progresses

As the world migrates into the fourth industrial revolution, UPSKILL, a venture under The Innovation Village seeking to bridge the demand and supply gap of talent for Uganda’s youth through a physical and virtual skilling platform is making sure that they are buckled up for this new era. UPSKILL is achieving this through equipping young people with today’s in-demand skills that link them to opportunities.   Youth in Uganda (aged 18-30) constitute 23 per cent of the population, […]

Youth Innovation is key to transforming our food systems

In 1999, the United Nations General Assembly declared August 12, as the International Youth Day to celebrate the involvement and contributions of the young people to the national development agenda, while drawing attention to the day-to-day challenges they face in pursuing their dreams and aspirations to live a decent life free from poverty, unemployment, inequality […]

Creating change through collaboration

According to the Uganda Bureau of Statistics, the unemployment rate among the youth in Uganda is at 13.3%. This proves that it is a weighty predicament that needs our immediate attention and calls for innovative solutions. Uganda is filled with a growing young population that has great solutions and ideas that can create tremendous change […]