Hope, Dreams and Purpose

This is not another success story. We tell many of those and sometimes, they make success seem like a distant dream. But in reality, success is workable; achievable. It is that sense of accomplishment you feel at the completion of even the littlest of tasks. It is those baby steps you are making at progressing […]

The Mastercard Foundation Launches Its Young Africa Works Strategy in Partnership With The Innovation Village

On Thursday 23rd July 2020, Mastercard foundation launched its Young Africa Works program which is a strategy that was informed by extensive consultation with leaders of African governments, private sector organizations, educational institutions, civil society, and, most importantly, young people themselves. Using youth employment as an indicator of progress, we believe this strategy will help […]

Ideas to life! – MasterCard Foundation Launches Young Africa Works in Uganda

Uganda is brimming with an enthusiastic, innovative youth force, whose ideas are often buried before execution.  Yesterday, our partner, the Mastercard Foundation launched a strategy, Young Africa Works, a program that is here to identify the challenges faced by the youth, provide potential solutions and engage the young people in the best practices that they […]