FY2024/25 Budget: What Lies Ahead for Entrepreneurs and Innovators 

As the hours draw closer to the national budget reading, the anticipation among Ugandans intensifies. This year, the government’s proposed Ushs72.1 trillion national resource envelope has captured significant public interest, especially as it marks a substantial Ushs20 trillion increase from last year’s budget. The burning question is: What are the priority areas justifying this significant […]

Enhancing farmers’ access and usage of affordable Solar technology Solutions 

In effort to enhance the adoption and usage of solar technologies to increase the productivity of smallholder farmers, Innovation Village, in partnership with Agri Share Uganda, last week, held an AgriSolar community engagement in Luweero District.  The event brought together farmers and AgriSolar innovators to identify actionable solutions, strategies, and tactical approaches for unlocking opportunities […]

Enhancing the Digital Economy through Digital Skilling

Uganda’s ICT Sector continues to play a crucial role in driving the country’s socio-economic growth. Like many other countries, Uganda has experienced a significant digital evolution propelled by advancements in digital infrastructure, increased technology access, growing investments in technology innovation, and a rising entrepreneurial spirit.   This transformation has led to the creation of a vibrant […]

IRA InsureX Program: Facilitating growth of Uganda’s Insurance Sector 

The insurance sector in Uganda has experienced tremendous growth over the last five years. A recently released report by Financial Sector Depending Uganda, FINSCOPE Uganda 2023, shows an increase in formal insurance uptake since 2018, rising from 1% to 2%  While this process shows a positive trajectory, Uganda still lags in insurance penetration compared to […]

The digital economy could be derailed unless we invest in science, innovation and inclusivity. 

To mark the World Science Day for Peace and Development on November 10th the Science Technology and Innovation (STI) secretariate has officially kicked-off the National Science Week celebration to highlight Uganda’s strides in fostering a science-driven economy.  As the week’s events unfold, it is essential that a prominent discussion, followed by concrete action, takes the […]

2020 Game Changers : Entrepreneurs who have inspired us through the year

“When the world locks down, that’s the time game changers start”- Stephen Ahweera. The 21st century continues to experience improvement in the quality of life because of the unconventional thinking of entrepreneurs. It is because of this reason, that today’s greatest game changers have been bred. Entrepreneurs have the vision and willingness to create and […]

The Impact of COVID-19 on Uganda ‘s Oil and Gas Sector – Q&A

Impact of COVID 19 on Oil and Gas

A Q&A with Ms. Proscovia Nabbanja Provide some insights into the global energy industry’s readiness and response during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, with particular focus on the Oil and Gas Sector. Health, Safety and Environment are core values within the Oil and Gas Sector globally. Most companies reinforced already existing measures of health and […]

Homeschooling Made Easy

My first interaction with Edtech was a TED talk about a free learning service on YouTube called Khan Academy, about a decade ago. I clearly remember Bill Gates himself introducing the man of the night Mr. Salman Khan, who had started a YouTube channel to tutor his family on the other side of the American […]

The business Valley caused by the corona virus – Opinion Piece

Crisis brings out all manner of characters in us. Entrepreneurs are some of the most resilient people on earth. I honestly believe that. But what comes out of you when everything stops. When customers are no longer coming through your door. When no one is booking through your travel app. No new orders are being […]