Zaake’s AgriShare App: Farmers’ digital bridge to solar irrigation

AgriShare App empowers farmers’ access to affordable irrigation equipment  Paul Zaake, a 34- year-old innovator runs AgriShare, an innovative application-based platform that connects farmers to a vast database of agricultural machinery, equipment, and resources in their select locations to help them have more options for hiring and purchase.  Farmers can hire irrigation and processing equipment, land, […]

Waape: Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence for job search and hire 

A team of 12 young innovators at Innovation Village are re-inventing the wheel in job search and hiring using their artificial intelligence solution – ‘Waape’.  The innovative platform with an App and website helps employers find the most suitable employee as quickly as possible through matching the right candidate with the right job.  The innovators […]

The digital economy could be derailed unless we invest in science, innovation and inclusivity. 

To mark the World Science Day for Peace and Development on November 10th the Science Technology and Innovation (STI) secretariate has officially kicked-off the National Science Week celebration to highlight Uganda’s strides in fostering a science-driven economy.  As the week’s events unfold, it is essential that a prominent discussion, followed by concrete action, takes the […]

2021: A year of progress in the Entrepreneurial ecosystem? 

According to the Global Startup Economy Report for 2021, the global startup economy is worth over $3.8 trillion in Ecosystem Value, more than the individual Gross Domestic Product of most G7 economies, not including the value of exits prior to 2018. Uganda’s contribution to this remains low despite the strides made within the ecosystem. To understand the trends in the local ecosystem better, we spoke […]

2021 DevScape Report: What are the opportunities?

Early last week, the first ever report on Uganda’s developer community was released, sparking a conversation about technology and the state of those who form a large part of the sector’s labor force.   Named the 2021 DevScape Report, the survey that reached 1288 developers is done by Uganda’s entrepreneurship ecosystem builder, The Innovation Village under its Tech and Data department. […]

Building Climate-Ready Communities: Why Science, Technology & Innovation matters to us all

For the last 10 days, over 20,000 delegates from 200 countries have been at the Glasgow Climate Conference discussing ways to keep climate change under control. This global discourse around climate change points towards one fact; we are in a climate emergency and researchers say that we have seven years to fix it before it is too late. One of the […]

Technology breakthroughs can fight emerging crime

Despite the challenges in 2020, Uganda got one thing right, and that was a significant reduction in crime. The 2020 annual crime report by the Uganda police indicates 215,224 cases were reported in 2019 compared to 195,931 cases reported in the year 2020. This is an 8.9 per cent decline in the volume of crimes.   […]

Rise of Tech and Workforce need to meet halfway

Sheba Ayinzabyonna has always held the career of programming in high regard. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology (IT) and has since then served as an Information Communications Technology (ICT) teacher for secondary school students. But she always dreamt of becoming a programmer which is the industrial term for a person who […]

Unlocking Opportunities in Uganda’s Tech Community

The most experienced developers in Uganda’s tech ecosystem started out over 20 years ago, but we only began to see real growth in the industry 10 years ago. This is evident in the age group data, with 85.5% lying between the ages of 18 and 30. Even with a slowly rising growth curve, the ecosystem […]

GENERATIVE ART: What it is and why you should love it.

When asked about art of this generation, a good number of people will claim it is dead because it is obvious, we do not have greats like Picasso or Michelangelo or Leonardo Da Vinci. We may be quick to claim that the young people of today are not as talented as the people of the […]