The year 2021: UPSKILL’s in-demand skills training progresses

As the world migrates into the fourth industrial revolution, UPSKILL, a venture under The Innovation Village seeking to bridge the demand and supply gap of talent for Uganda’s youth through a physical and virtual skilling platform is making sure that they are buckled up for this new era. UPSKILL is achieving this through equipping young people with today’s in-demand skills that link them to opportunities.   Youth in Uganda (aged 18-30) constitute 23 per cent of the population, […]

Skilling partnerships: How a coding program is shaping careers

During the course of 20 weeks, 19 young men and women dedicated at least four hours every day to acquiring skills in trending technologies. On September 12, 2021 they graduated from the CODEIT Institute of Technology coding program with skills in Python, Cloud and Blockchain Technologies. The online program which started in February 2021 has been described as challenging, […]

Rise of Tech and Workforce need to meet halfway

Sheba Ayinzabyonna has always held the career of programming in high regard. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology (IT) and has since then served as an Information Communications Technology (ICT) teacher for secondary school students. But she always dreamt of becoming a programmer which is the industrial term for a person who […]