The year 2021: UPSKILL’s in-demand skills training progresses

As the world migrates into the fourth industrial revolution, UPSKILL, a venture under The Innovation Village seeking to bridge the demand and supply gap of talent for Uganda’s youth through a physical and virtual skilling platform is making sure that they are buckled up for this new era. UPSKILL is achieving this through equipping young people with today’s in-demand skills that link them to opportunities.   Youth in Uganda (aged 18-30) constitute 23 per cent of the population, […]

UPSKILL: What 42 Days of Digital Marketing tells us about the Future of Work

The 42-day lockdown in Uganda is nearing its end. While the first lockdown was the first of its kind for Ugandans, the second lockdown finds us a little bit wiser in surviving and thriving against the odds of this pandemic. Talking of thriving, at UPSKILL, a digital services marketplace that matches highly skilled talent with […]