Innovation Village Launches Science Discovery Centre

Today marks the official launch of the Science Discovery Centre, a vibrant and dynamic haven designed to ignite a passion for science among young, curious minds.   Nestled within the STEM Centre under the EdTech Lab at Innovation Village, this revolutionary space promises to transform the educational landscape by making science engaging, interactive, and accessible […]

Time is ripe for bridging gender divide in ICT

On April 28, 2022, we joined the rest of the World to celebrate International Girls in ICT (Information, Communication Technology) Day 2022 under the theme, “Access and Safety.” International Telecommunication Union (ITU) states that “The digital gender gap continues expanding in many developing countries, creating a specific need to support digital gender equality. Globally, women […]

World Children’s Day: How do we use the Tech revolution to create a better future for children?

In almost every society down to its smallest unit, children are regarded the vessels of every society’s future and continuation. Every year on the 20th day of November, the world celebrates children by putting them at the center of their plans and discourse that seek to enhance their wellness and existence.  This Saturday, World Children’s Day (WCD) will be celebrated […]

Building Climate-Ready Communities: Why Science, Technology & Innovation matters to us all

For the last 10 days, over 20,000 delegates from 200 countries have been at the Glasgow Climate Conference discussing ways to keep climate change under control. This global discourse around climate change points towards one fact; we are in a climate emergency and researchers say that we have seven years to fix it before it is too late. One of the […]


In Uganda, a fairly active Edtech space is emerging with innovators coming up with various gadgets, content, games, and learning materials over the past decade to aid young learners in becoming innovative and creative thinkers by coming up with solution-based learning exercises