Zaake’s AgriShare App: Farmers’ digital bridge to solar irrigation

AgriShare App empowers farmers’ access to affordable irrigation equipment  Paul Zaake, a 34- year-old innovator runs AgriShare, an innovative application-based platform that connects farmers to a vast database of agricultural machinery, equipment, and resources in their select locations to help them have more options for hiring and purchase.  Farmers can hire irrigation and processing equipment, land, […]

Legal Innovation: The African Perspective

The “Golden Year” for legal tech, is what many described 2023 to be, and the African continent was no exception. While the legal tech Community in Africa is in its early stage, it experienced a boost as legal tech became the talk in many boardrooms and much traction was gained across different platforms.   The […]

Waape: Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence for job search and hire 

A team of 12 young innovators at Innovation Village are re-inventing the wheel in job search and hiring using their artificial intelligence solution – ‘Waape’.  The innovative platform with an App and website helps employers find the most suitable employee as quickly as possible through matching the right candidate with the right job.  The innovators […]

Mastercard: Driving Digital and Financial Inclusion in the Agriculture Sector  

Last week, Mastercard held its second annual Community Pass Summit at Lake Victoria Serena Hotel – Kigo marking a significant milestone in its ongoing efforts to promote digital and financial inclusion in Uganda and beyond.   The Summit convened diverse groups of experts from both the public and private sector, innovators and financial institutions with […]

Breaking Barriers to High Impact Innovation in Uganda    

Hellen Mukasa - Lead, LegalTech Lab

In Uganda today, approximately 24 patents only have been registered by the Uganda Registration Services Bureau. An assessment conducted by Quinn and Cameron, (2013) on Innovation in Uganda found that Ugandan innovators are generating an abundance of ideas, but of those ideas, few “reach a stage of full implementation, or demonstrate scalability and self-sustainability”.   Innovation […]

Rampant Road Accidents: Innovation can contribute to the solution

On January 18, 2020, Nicole Blessing Ahumuza got onto the road like any other regular passenger. In her 16 years alive, she’d exhibited leadership skills, she had friends, she cared for people with empathy and compassion. But on that day, a tragic accident ended almost two decades of her life.   Ahumuza is just one […]

The year 2021 through the lens of Future Lab

Future Lab, a department at The Innovation Village, is building the largest corporation innovation platform in East Africa.  Future Lab identifies innovation as a key driver for growth to solve several socio-economic challenges by leveraging innovation and design thinking principles to support organizations’ growth, especially in times of rapid change. At the helm of this is to identify and […]

Global acquisitions: The art of it all and how startups can position to benefit

In 2020 Beyonic, a home-grown Ugandan startup providing digital payments solutions in five countries was acquired by MFS Africa, the largest digital payments hub in Africa. In a young entrepreneurial ecosystem like Uganda where many startups are fast strapped for cash, and where the failure rate is high, an acquisition of a business like Beyonic which was founded in 2013 and dominated well on the East African market raises questions on what such an acquisition means.   Did the acquisition […]

Building Climate-Ready Communities: Why Science, Technology & Innovation matters to us all

For the last 10 days, over 20,000 delegates from 200 countries have been at the Glasgow Climate Conference discussing ways to keep climate change under control. This global discourse around climate change points towards one fact; we are in a climate emergency and researchers say that we have seven years to fix it before it is too late. One of the […]

Design hackathon empowers young innovators

Zephaniah Maxwell Anyuru is a 24-year-old Graphics designer who spent last week participating in a design hackathon organized by Garage48 in collaboration with The Innovation Village and with support from the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Development Cooperation.   Within the first two days, he could barely hide his excitement. On the first day of the workshop, participants were tasked to create a “Motor-Toaster”, […]