Making the dream work: ONE is better than one

The Avengers, without a doubt are the world’s favorite superhero team. We fancy them and look up to most of them. For those who are not familiar with them, these are a group of superheroes who overcome their differences to work together and achieve a common goal which is usually saving the world. Even though […]

The Mastercard Foundation Launches Its Young Africa Works Strategy in Partnership With The Innovation Village

On Thursday 23rd July 2020, Mastercard foundation launched its Young Africa Works program which is a strategy that was informed by extensive consultation with leaders of African governments, private sector organizations, educational institutions, civil society, and, most importantly, young people themselves. Using youth employment as an indicator of progress, we believe this strategy will help […]

Business Uncertainty Vs New Ways of Work

New ways of work

It is undeniable the role Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) play in developing economies. They not only account for the majority of businesses worldwide but contribute greatly to job creation and global economic development with 90% of businesses retaining more than 50% employees worldwide. In Uganda, SMEs make up over 70% of our economy and contribute above 20% to […]