Innovation Village Launches Science Discovery Centre

Today marks the official launch of the Science Discovery Centre, a vibrant and dynamic haven designed to ignite a passion for science among young, curious minds.   Nestled within the STEM Centre under the EdTech Lab at Innovation Village, this revolutionary space promises to transform the educational landscape by making science engaging, interactive, and accessible […]

Schools reopen: One player’s view on Future of EdTech Innovations

Uganda reopened all learning institutions on Monday this week, bringing an end to the World’s longest school closure. With 15 million students stuck at home without learning opportunities for the last two years in a bid to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus, some parents and teachers adopted the use of EdTech to ensure children continue to […]

The year 2021 through the lens of Future Lab

Future Lab, a department at The Innovation Village, is building the largest corporation innovation platform in East Africa.  Future Lab identifies innovation as a key driver for growth to solve several socio-economic challenges by leveraging innovation and design thinking principles to support organizations’ growth, especially in times of rapid change. At the helm of this is to identify and […]

Desperate calls to reopen schools: Innovation needs to speed up

Long before the second wave of the pandemic, questions about the future of education dominated public discourse in Uganda. Shamim Nirere of Izere Education not only had the question lingering on her mind, she found some answers too.  “The future of education will not be about the right answers. We already have google for that. […]

Homeschooling Made Easy

My first interaction with Edtech was a TED talk about a free learning service on YouTube called Khan Academy, about a decade ago. I clearly remember Bill Gates himself introducing the man of the night Mr. Salman Khan, who had started a YouTube channel to tutor his family on the other side of the American […]