“When written in Chinese, the word crisis is composed of two characters – one represents danger, and the other represents opportunity.” John F. Kennedy A number of people are threatened by a crisis because we all imagine and believe that it comes with calamity and catastrophe. Several individuals around the world are looking at the […]

Business Uncertainty Vs New Ways of Work

New ways of work

It is undeniable the role Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) play in developing economies. They not only account for the majority of businesses worldwide but contribute greatly to job creation and global economic development with 90% of businesses retaining more than 50% employees worldwide. In Uganda, SMEs make up over 70% of our economy and contribute above 20% to […]

COVID-19 and Its Effect on Access to Basic Needs and Essential Services

Effect of COVID 19 on basic needs

Traditionally, basic needs consisted of food, water, shelter and clothing. However, the modern age emphasizes the quality of these needs and enhances it by including sanitation, education, healthcare and the internet. In the wake of COVID-19, there have been products or services referred to as “essential” services. These are absolute necessities meant to improve the […]