Uganda can benefit from investment in entrepreneurship post COVID-19

From the limited access to market, appropriate talent to lack of investment capital, Ugandan entrepreneurs are grappling with a litany of challenges.   But when key sector players met at the Bounce Back event on Wednesday, they were all in agreement that it is time to make the business environment right for entrepreneurs to grow their […]

Desperate calls to reopen schools: Innovation needs to speed up

Long before the second wave of the pandemic, questions about the future of education dominated public discourse in Uganda. Shamim Nirere of Izere Education not only had the question lingering on her mind, she found some answers too.  “The future of education will not be about the right answers. We already have google for that. […]

Health Innovation is key to eradicating the Covid-19 crisis

In his speech to the nation on July 30, 2021, President Yoweri Museveni partially reopened most parts of the economy after 42-days of the lockdown.  This was after the percentage of people testing positive for COVID-19 drastically dropped from 21 per cent to 10 per cent, largely attributed to limited human interaction and movement. During […]

Startups need support to rise from this pandemic

In May 2020, the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) compiled its findings on the impact of COVID-19 on Ugandan Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The UNCDF report indicated that only about 15 per cent of surveyed companies could sustain more than three months of operation on their cash flow at the time. The report […]

Powering through COVID-19

by Joanita Nyangoma, Energy Lab Lead at The Innovation Village With millions of people forced to stay at home due to the global pandemic, COVID-19, our reliance on electricity is more evident now than ever before.  Mobile devices are essential for timely communication, computers are key to teleworking, televisions and radios are crucial for access […]