MyVillage: The future of Africa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem

MyVillage: The future of Africa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem

The year is 2020. The world is shaking up in crisis. Entrepreneurship continues to thrive amidst multitudes of challenges and setbacks. For Uganda, and Africa at large, it is evident; we need each other, now, more than ever. Our survival and our success are heavily dependent on the contribution each of us has to make.

This would be a great opening for a fiction story – but we can only wish. Everything captured in this opening is actually the harsh reality of how the year 2020 has left us.

At the start of this year, we planned to set up across the country to build a community of highly promising local entrepreneurs and innovators. A challenge, it was, but yes, we did successfully set up in the North, East and West. Even as the pandemic threatened the future and businesses across the world, we were moved and inspired by different young people transforming their societies with barely enough resources. For us, stories like these are what inspire us that our goal of building Africa’s biggest entrepreneurship ecosystem is valid.

We have witnessed the power of passion and determination through the stories and journeys of many young entrepreneurs starting out, with nearly nothing but dreams. And because YOU have continuously inspired us to do better in enabling  an ecosystem that allows entrepreneurship to thrive, we are excited to introduce ‘MyVillage’, an online platform that brings together innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and even a market for different products and services.

Think of MyVillage as an online territory for your business or idea; a platform that enables entrepreneurs, investors, corporate companies and public sector partners to connect, collaborate and access various needed services regardless of their physical location or role in the ecosystem. The platform’s technology uses machine learning to map the relationships between people, content and activities across Africa’s digital ecosystem. It understands the people – their jobs, their skills, their needs – and it uses this intelligence to deliver the information and value that they need, exactly when they need it.

MyVillage encompasses services such as networking within the business ecosystem, access to investment, professional mentorship, entrepreneurial support to kick start projects, access to a well-trained pool of talent, and a product catalog which feeds into a marketplace.

MyVillage seeks to leverage technology to directly speak to the needs of startups, SMEs, Corporates, Government and Development agencies and provides the rails for linkages between all different categories. The platform enables communication, connection and collaboration to bring to life Africa’s largest entrepreneurship community.

For us, MyVillage is a baby step towards our dream to build resilience and drive sustainability in Africa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Starting out in the journey of entrepreneurship comes with several challenges, and as you start out, we want to hold your hand and walk with you. When you join MyVillage, you join a home; a community of different individuals and entities at different stages in the ecosystem, bringing together different experiences thus creating a solid support system.

Let’s meet each other halfway as we build the future of Africa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Let it be, for you and us. Welcome to MyVillage! Signup: