Making the dream work: ONE is better than one

Making the dream work: ONE is better than one

The Avengers, without a doubt are the world’s favorite superhero team. We fancy them and look up to most of them. For those who are not familiar with them, these are a group of superheroes who overcome their differences to work together and achieve a common goal which is usually saving the world. Even though these superheroes come from a fictional world, we learn a number of things from them and the most important one is that one team is better than one person and that most cases the common goal is greater than our personal issues. Let us take a deep dive into this, shall we? Captain America and Iron Man have a completely different view of the world and both of them are not ready to compromise but despite their differences, they value each other’s contributions to the team and understand that they have to work in unison to make the dream work.

Do you know someone whose dream complements yours? For example if your dream is to become a successful cake baker and your friend’s dream is to run a  wedding planning business. You can support each other in one way or another to achieve your dreams of success. Working with others is a very important part of being an entrepreneur. A number of successful business people and leaders swear by this as one of the things that lead to success. This does not only include sharing skills but also information, ideas and opinions among each other. While it might be very possible to unearth an idea on your own, getting it from the ground up alone is very unlikely.

Working with someone presents a number of benefits. The first is accountability because your responsibility extends beyond yourself when working alongside someone.The fact that you have made a commitment to someone else and their dream as well means you are more likely to meet goals and deadlines and push yourself to work even when you don’t feel like it which means greater progress. The second reason to work in unison is moral support. When things are not going right, there’s always someone to lean on and give you the necessary push you need. However, when executing teamwork, it is important to be vigilant on who you include because as much we need support, that same support can ruin your carefully made plans.

Even when faced with the hardest crises, it is easier to come up with sustainable solutions to problems in unison. For example, countries around the world like Uganda have joined forces with existing global companies and the World Health Organization (WHO) to create a vaccine to defeat the Corona-virus. Domestically, several companies like Mukwano, MTN, Buganda Kingdom, and different individuals donated to the Ministry of Health to aid the management of COVID-19. In fact, a lot of time, effort, and costs go into building effective teams that work towards a sustainable goal.

Our venture MoTIV is a testimony to working together towards a common goal. Aside from providing a space for creatives and entrepreneurs to come together and share ideas and equipment to help them grow their businesses. MoTIV itself worked with Swangz Avenue and MTN to host the MTN Momo Nyabo television show. Tukole, another venture from The Innovation Village has combined forces with plumbers, electricians, barbers, and hairstylists to help extend services to people while in turn creating and promoting  dignified and fulfilling  job opportunities for the service providers  By creating a marketplace for blue collar workers, Tukole plays in tackling one of the biggest problems the youth face in Uganda today, which is unemployment. The Innovation Village recently partnered with the ‘Unemployment Ends With Me’ Youth Initiative to equip  youth who have great and Innovative business ideas with practical skills to not only grow their businesses but to also work at creating employment opportunities for their peers.

Although teams continuously  face challenges as they work, it’s the essentials like hard work, trust, appreciation, purpose, agility, and creativity that set the tone for successful teamwork which in the end makes the dream work.