Obtaining legal assistance for startups can be confounding, especially when it’s your first time hiring an attorney. If you want to start a business it’s important you feel confident in having the right legal support. To begin with,  you want to find someone you can trust and enjoy working with, and most importantly, someone you can relate with. 

You also want to hire someone who knows what they’re doing, is experienced with the legal issues that matter to you, the ecosystem and responds to your queries promptly. It is important to hire someone who specifically knows what to do in a particular situation and for this reason, you should be willing to spend a bit more for a specialist lawyer who will understand your situation.   

Recently Daraja Law, an eminent legal firm that enables access to justice and equal rights, partnered with The Innovation Village, to offer startups legal support.  Startups under the Innovation Village have the opportunity to taste Daraja Law efficient services inclusive of advising a startup on what form or entity to register a company, initiating a partnership, sole proprietorship, dealing with company resolutions and forms and managing books of accounts i.e annual returns. Additionally,  the legal team can easily support your startup with legal drafting inclusive of contracts, Non Disclosure Agreements, immigration, negotiations and improving your bargaining power as a tenant , acquiring property, working on employment contracts among others. 

“It is our mandate as a Startup ecosystem to support these enterprises. Partnering with Daraja Law to expand our legal services was a deliberate decision to ensure we provide unlimited support to the Startups. Just like any full blown company, Startups need to control their level of risk aversion and getting someone who understands this is part and parcel for the ecosystem we are creating for entrepreneurs under The Innovation Village.” Hellen Mukasa, The Innovation Village Legal representative said.

Are you a startup supported by the Innovation Village? We understand running legal affairs can be overly uncomfortable, unexciting and tedious. We are ensuring legal guidance for your startup by providing accessible and affordable legal guidance for you. All you need is a government issued Identity card, passport photo, Tax Identification Number (TIN) majorly needed to deal with bank accounts and a few forms. 

You can contact Daraja law using [email protected]  or +256-776-470009 for the TIV Start-Ups in Kampala and Jinja