Legal Innovation: The African Perspective

The “Golden Year” for legal tech, is what many described 2023 to be, and the African continent was no exception. While the legal tech Community in Africa is in its early stage, it experienced a boost as legal tech became the talk in many boardrooms and much traction was gained across different platforms.   The […]

Waape: Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence for job search and hire 

A team of 12 young innovators at Innovation Village are re-inventing the wheel in job search and hiring using their artificial intelligence solution – ‘Waape’.  The innovative platform with an App and website helps employers find the most suitable employee as quickly as possible through matching the right candidate with the right job.  The innovators […]

Mastercard: Driving Digital and Financial Inclusion in the Agriculture Sector  

Last week, Mastercard held its second annual Community Pass Summit at Lake Victoria Serena Hotel – Kigo marking a significant milestone in its ongoing efforts to promote digital and financial inclusion in Uganda and beyond.   The Summit convened diverse groups of experts from both the public and private sector, innovators and financial institutions with […]

What is the Future of Ugandan Startups in the Digital age? 

In a world where technology is rapidly advancing, business operations are changing on a daily basis. Startups are at the forefront of this change, and their future is closely tied to the future of technology especially with the rise of automation, artificial intelligence, and the gig economy.  Closer to home, Uganda is one of East […]

The digital economy could be derailed unless we invest in science, innovation and inclusivity. 

To mark the World Science Day for Peace and Development on November 10th the Science Technology and Innovation (STI) secretariate has officially kicked-off the National Science Week celebration to highlight Uganda’s strides in fostering a science-driven economy.  As the week’s events unfold, it is essential that a prominent discussion, followed by concrete action, takes the […]

Blueprint for Success: 10 Steps to Launch Your Start-Up

10 Steps to Launch Your Start-Up

There’s a unique thrill in taking an idea and transforming it into something tangible — something that has potential to bring about change or make our lives better in some way. Yet, the journey from ideation to launch is filled with challenges that demand courage, resilience, and an adaptable mindset. In the epic tale of […]

The Future of Entrepreneurship: Fueled by Innovation and the Future of Work

As we move further into the age of technological innovation and adapt to an ever-shifting professional landscape, the future of entrepreneurship is predicted to undergo significant changes. The fact is, the entrepreneurial field has always been a hotbed of innovation and continuous development, demanding constant adaptability and the capacity to embrace new trends and technologies. […]

From Boot Strapping to Attracting Venture Capital

If you are engrained in the startup world, you are familiar with the term boot strapping. Most individuals attempt to build their companies from their personal money or even the small revenues that come from the initial stages of the business itself. It is a tough road for many until they have received or attracted […]

Uganda National Farmers Federation (UNFFE) partners with Innovation Village to digitise farmers 

The Uganda National Farmers Federation (UNFFE) has signed a partnership with the Innovation Village to support the digitisation efforts of farmers under the Digital Doors Program.   In partnership with the Mastercard Foundation, the Innovation Village is implementing the Digital Doors Program to provide the right digital tools to local entrepreneurs, companies, start-ups, and Micro, Small, […]

Legal Tech: Confronting challenges of the emerging sector

LegalTech has become an increasingly intriguing topic of discussion in Uganda’s mainstream Legal industry today. Every day, lawyers and entrepreneurs are developing tech innovations for the legal sector. Whether it’s streamlining operations for law firms and in-house teams, an online marketplace for lawyers, or enabling access to justice to citizens, the legal tech Startups are […]

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