FY2024/25 Budget: What Lies Ahead for Entrepreneurs and Innovators 

As the hours draw closer to the national budget reading, the anticipation among Ugandans intensifies. This year, the government’s proposed Ushs72.1 trillion national resource envelope has captured significant public interest, especially as it marks a substantial Ushs20 trillion increase from last year’s budget. The burning question is: What are the priority areas justifying this significant […]

Enhancing farmers’ access and usage of affordable Solar technology Solutions 

In effort to enhance the adoption and usage of solar technologies to increase the productivity of smallholder farmers, Innovation Village, in partnership with Agri Share Uganda, last week, held an AgriSolar community engagement in Luweero District.  The event brought together farmers and AgriSolar innovators to identify actionable solutions, strategies, and tactical approaches for unlocking opportunities […]

Zaake’s AgriShare App: Farmers’ digital bridge to solar irrigation

AgriShare App empowers farmers’ access to affordable irrigation equipment  Paul Zaake, a 34- year-old innovator runs AgriShare, an innovative application-based platform that connects farmers to a vast database of agricultural machinery, equipment, and resources in their select locations to help them have more options for hiring and purchase.  Farmers can hire irrigation and processing equipment, land, […]

Innovation Village Launches Science Discovery Centre

Today marks the official launch of the Science Discovery Centre, a vibrant and dynamic haven designed to ignite a passion for science among young, curious minds.   Nestled within the STEM Centre under the EdTech Lab at Innovation Village, this revolutionary space promises to transform the educational landscape by making science engaging, interactive, and accessible […]

Enhancing the Digital Economy through Digital Skilling

Uganda’s ICT Sector continues to play a crucial role in driving the country’s socio-economic growth. Like many other countries, Uganda has experienced a significant digital evolution propelled by advancements in digital infrastructure, increased technology access, growing investments in technology innovation, and a rising entrepreneurial spirit.   This transformation has led to the creation of a vibrant […]

IRA InsureX Program: Facilitating growth of Uganda’s Insurance Sector 

The insurance sector in Uganda has experienced tremendous growth over the last five years. A recently released report by Financial Sector Depending Uganda, FINSCOPE Uganda 2023, shows an increase in formal insurance uptake since 2018, rising from 1% to 2%  While this process shows a positive trajectory, Uganda still lags in insurance penetration compared to […]

Scaling Businesses Through Innovation 

In today’s disruptive age, established corporations with traditional business models are under attack, facing rapid displacement from counterparts that have integrated technology into their ways of work. Scaling businesses is no longer largely about expanding reach; but much about fostering a culture of continuous improvement and embracing creative problem-solving methodologies.  Last year, in partnership with […]

The Journey of Abel Ogwang in transforming homecare services in Gulu city 

Originating from the bustling business city of Lira, Abel Ogwang relocated to Gulu with aspirations of establishing his own business. His spirit for entrepreneurship was deeply influenced by his single mother’s unwavering commitment to caring for their family. Despite numerous obstacles, she tirelessly provided for them, primarily through the humble craft of washing clothes. Her […]